Wednesday, August 11, 2010

SCUMBAG: Fake Racist Paul Plant Was an Obama Volunteer

More About Tyler Collins, the Man Who Posed as a Rand Paul Fan, Complete With Tinfoil Hat.

I just talked to Tyler Collins, who politely declined to comment as he adjusts to life as the subject of a multi-tier campaign of citizen journalism investigating his life as a Democratic activist. You know Collins. He was the guy who dressed up as a slack-jawed "Rand Paul fan," wearing a tinfoil hat and holding a sign that echoed/parodied conservative fears about illegal immigration.

Why is Collins lying low? Because he has a long picture and paper trail as a Democratic activist. Brandon Kiser has posted a column Collins, a political science student at Murray State University, wrote for a local paper. It's mostly tame stuff critical of the tea party movement. "If we would have had the Tea Party state of mind," Collins writes, "many elderly people would have frozen and starved to death because others would have been in their generator-heated homes oblivious to the fact and content in their cozy situations." BREAKING NEWS: he's a liberal activist. Here is a picture, from Collins's now-suspended Facebook page, of the future fake tea partyer campaigning for Barack Obama. READ MORE...

Tea Party Infiltration Done Wrong

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  1. I am not surprised by this. These cointelpro agents are known for trying to infiltrate groups that they consider a threat to them. The tea party is a big threat to the dictator in the white house. This kind of dirty politics have been going on since the black panther/civil right parties during the 60s. In that case the FBI used blacks to infiltrate those groups to destroy them from within. I am pretty sure they are using "racist white guys" to infiltrate the tea party to destroy them. Anyone who have a REAL patriotic group who is making noise. LOOK OUT!! The jackass party & their agent provocateurs are going to try to destroy you.