Monday, September 27, 2010

Rep. Clyburn Says Tea Partiers 'Need to Get a Life.' Clinton Mocks Female Senate Candidates. Video: What 'Elitist Scumbag' Politicians Sound Like.

Why do people vote for these elitist politicians who talk down to their constituents? What a dirtbag....

Again, more hypocrisy for these liberals. Bill Clinton takes a poke at Christina O'Donnell over some comments she made about toying with witchcraft in high school. But his ADULT wife Hillary Clinton had seance-like sessions at the White House during which she conversed with late first lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Did he ever mock his wife Hillary for that when she was running for president?

Bill Clinton also whined like a little bitch when members of his own party abandoned Hillary in favor of Obama and then tried to play the race card on her. You would think that Bill Clinton would sympathize with the tea partiers who have been falsely accused of racism themselves...

Bill Clinton is nothing more than a lying, cheating narcissist who should be grateful to republicans for making him look good as a president when the republicans controlled the congress. President Clinton got all the credit for their work. (Except Clinton's genius 'Community Reinvestment Act' which contributed to the housing collapse)

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  1. that is the most accurate description of Clinton I have ever seen