Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WHERE'S ICE?!? Entitled to the DREAM Act: Illegals Are ‘Coming Out’ to Demand Legislation

Great! Islamization, illegal immigration, 14 trillion in debt and liberals running the country and people wonder why America is going down the toilet.

Why isn't ICE showing up at these demonstrations with buses?!? These ILLEGALS should be DEPORTED.

Why should taxpayers have to foot the billions of dollars every year spent on the medical, legal and education costs of ILLEGAL immigration?

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  1. Now these democrats want to give amnesty to illegals and further bankrupt the country just so they can buy votes which is why democrats ARE scumbags. We have proved that beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Democrats will toss an overseas ballot from a U.S. soldier in the trash can, yet support voter fraud from organizations like ACORN. That's disgraceful.

    We need to CREATE JOBS! We can start with hiring thousands of ICE officers to deport MOST of these tax eating ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Use the stimulus money NOT for the Muslim Brotherhood, but to purchase buses to transport illegal aliens back to the border with instructions on how to become a LEGAL immigrant.