Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Angle Sends Behar Flowers. Behar Again Calls Her a ‘B****’ Again. Angle Raises $170,000 After the 'Angry' Cows Comments..

Well Star Jones was dead on when she called Joy Behar a 'bitch' back in the day. At least Joy earned that title, Sharon Angle didn't.

In fact, Sharon Angle is the kind of woman we need in Washington. She's one of a few brave candidates to admit that the department of education and social security are money pits and they need reformed or abolished.

Abolishing of the department of education would be the best thing to happen to our increasing number of young 'dumb' students and the American tax payer. It doesn't mean Angle doesn't care about seniors and kids, in fact, it's just the opposite. She recognizes the problem! It's the liberals who don't care and they use the same old played out tactics of hate, fear and class warfare. Give us a break...

Joy Behar is just another left wing nutjob who just doesn't get it. Most Americans dislike Joy Behar because she's a nasty, rude, miserable idiot. She still doesn't understand the definition of 'illegal alien' or 'racist.'

Whoopi looks like a follower in this clip, high fiving the 'angry cow' Joy Behar on request. Does Whoopi think it's okay for illegal aliens to come to this country ILLEGALLY and do as they please while tax payers foot the bill?

Joy Behar is just another one of many ignorant 'celebutards' who are so far out of touch with NORMAL Americans.

Joy has also been a failure in her personal life which might explain why she's so angry all the time. She's obviously failed as a teacher by not recognizing how terrible inner city public schools are, the high drop out rate and the outrageous cost per student to the tax payers.

She failed at a marriage and refuses to marry her 'partner' because she doesn't want him to be considered more superior than she is by holding the title of 'husband.' How dumb is that?

She has also failed as a comedian, unless comedians are supposed to be nasty, rude and hateful. She's definitely NOT funny..

She's failed at winning arguments on 'The View,' usually resorting to name calling followed by pouting and then crossing her 'log' legs while turning away from the person who just destroyed her. (Usually Laura Ingrahm and Michelle Malkin who she also called a 'bitch') See video below to watch Joy argue with a woman with brains.

Maybe Joy is just angry because she is another 'idiots for Obama.' After bragging about the Messiah, most Americans now know he's just a corrupt, dishonest, arrogant, radical, partisan community organizer who will without a doubt go down as the worst President in U.S history.

Joy is one dumb bi**h...


  1. Does Whoopie Cushion ever dress like a woman? Does she ever even _try_ to dress attractively? What an eyesore.

  2. Joy Bewhore is the best example of a C.U.N.T. to be found. She is so damn dumb she doesnt understand the meaning of the word, an acronym meaning Cannot Understand Normal Thinking.