Wednesday, October 27, 2010

CNN: Fla. Dem Candidate Caught Cheating Now Caught Lying

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'Fair enough' is Matthews response? That's what he calls 'hardball?' What a wuss...

Democrat Alex Sink may be locked into a tight race with Republican Rick Scott, but it’s no excuse for cheating.

During the candidates’ gubernatorial debate Monday evening, Sink broke the rules and accepted coaching advice from a campaign staffer via a cell phone text message delivered by a makeup assistant during a commercial break. Almost immediately, Sink acknowledged the indiscretion and fired the staffer, Brian May.

“While he told me it was out of anger with Rick Scott’s repeated distortion of facts, it was a foolish thing to do,” Ms. Sink said, in a statement regarding May’s dismissal from the campaign.

But Tuesday evening, Sink seemed to change her tone and, during an appearance on MSNBC, she claimed that she had not known the message from makeup artist was related to the debate or that it had been sent by a member of her staff when she accepted it: READ MORE...

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