Monday, October 11, 2010

ANOTHER LIE- Obama’s Race Card: GOP Counts on ‘Black Folks Staying Home’

Wow! Can you imagine George Bush telling a crowd of his supporters that the democrats plan on white people staying home, so they need to get out and vote for him before the 'black party' takes over?

Barack Obama is a moron.

Can you believe this is a United States President? He sounds like Al 'the leech' Sharpton running down 125th street with a bullhorn. How disgraceful is this 'community organizer' in chief? He's a fraud, a con artist and a failure, and he's blaming the republicans?

Isn't it a GOOD thing if blacks and union members stay home on election day considering MOST of them vote democrat/Marxist/socialist/communist?
What would happen if they did stay home?

*Less wasteful spending
*Less corruption
*Less racism
*Less poverty
*Less class warfare
*Less wealth redistribution
*Repeal of Obamacare
*No Fannie/Freddie
*Lower taxes
*More jobs
*More economic growth
*No cap and trade
*Less government

That's sounds like a great start! Every democrat voting block should stay home on election day and do the country a huge favor.

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