Sunday, October 10, 2010

DESPERATION! Pres. Obama Rallies His Idiots: 'Don't Make Me Look Bad'

Is Obama talking about those democrat 'pundits' who don't want Obama anywhere near them? Who is this guy kidding?

Lucky for Obama, there's plenty of idiots out there who are easily manipulated by a man who only makes himself look bad....

It’s starting to feel like desperation time for President Obama and the Democrats.

Less than a month away from the November 2 Midterm Elections, President Obama today pleaded with a crowd of supporters in Maryland to prove the pundits wrong. Obama implored the crowd, “Don’t make me look bad.”

As always, for Obama it’s all about Obama. Actually, he’s right – it is about him and his failed leftist philosophy. On November 2, Americans are going to let Obama and the Democrats know just what they think of the “change” he has brought to America.


  1. Ayatolla Obama doesn't need his sheep to make him look bad. He does that all by himself.

  2. WHEN are we going to demand succession from these people. The White liberals can go live with their chosen people and we, the evil and dreaded 'racists' can live in harmony without these cockroaches and insects.

    Imagine if they [blacks and White liberals] could live free of all this racism, discrimnation and institutionalized bigotry.

    Left alone to their own devices they will fall in less than 1 year.

    THEN, the White liberals will become Right-Wingers!!...after their 'little dapildoya' of this insane diversity theory.