Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Armstrong Williams: Who Rules The Tea Party?

Who rules the tea party?

Is it Sarah Palin and her lunch pail brand of God, guns and the Constitution? Is it Dick Armey, the former House majority leader who danced to his own tune and was the mastermind behind the GOP’s Contract with America? Or is the tea party led by a few private mega-funders — a George Soros clan of the conservative movement?

One thing is certain, liberals have no idea who their opponent is, and they and the mainstream media are desperate to find out.

Several months ago, when the tea party crusade hit its stride with a Kentucky primary win by Rand Paul to succeed retiring Sen. Jim Bunning, a Republican, the Left went out of its way to link Mr. Paul as the puppet behind a larger Republican machine. Democrat operatives quickly labeled Mr. Paul and his style of politics as wholly indicative of what the GOP had become.

As predicted, Republicans had reverted to their old-school style of hate politics, the storyline went, making this November a clear choice between “policies of the past” versus the future.

The political cheap shot was an easy one for the likes of Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine. The narrative they could build around Mr. Paul and other tea party activists fit nicely into the party’s attacks, and gave them something to shoot at after being pummeled for months by a sluggish recovery and missteps of their own.

To Democrats and the media, the GOP had let the wing-nuts take over. And so long as they were winning, Republican leaders were all too eager to sit back and watch.

But then Christine O’Donnell happened. From out of nowhere, this recycled candidate snatched victory from the jaws of the Establishment — Republican Rep. Mike Castle of Delaware. What a conundrum that created.

Now all of a sudden, Republicans had taken a big step away from winning control of the Senate. Clearly this wasn’t in the party’s plan, but up until now, everyone was saying the GOP was in control of the tea party.

Without missing a beat or even noting their own double-mindedness, pundits and columnists took to warning the country that Republicans had no control of the tea party, and such irresponsible behavior threatened to wreak havoc on our way of life (whatever that meant). As Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson wrote on Sept. 14, “The Republicans thought they had the rampaging Tea Party under control. Apparently the Tea Party begs to differ.”

So which is it? Does the Republican Party control the tea party? Is the tea party stationed off First Street in the Republican National Committee headquarters? READ MORE...

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