Tuesday, October 5, 2010

GLENN BECK: With Whom Will You Stand With?

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At the foot of the Lincoln Memorial this weekend, we were presented with a choice as thousands of
socialists and communists flooded the National Mall. Tonight, we will compare and contrast what happened this
weekend with the 8/28 rally and let you make the choice- with whom will you stand? Plus, it's time to buckle up.
The civil unrest happening around the globe is coming to our shores- and some very disturbing video by
extreme environmentalists that you have to see to believe. Warning: Content is extremely graphic.

NOTE- Glenn Beck does a great job (as usual) pointing out the hypocrisy of liberals and environmental 'terrorists' who littered the mall and the memorial with so much trash, it's justified to call them 'filthy pigs.'

Beck asks, 'who cares more about the planet?' If you look at the trash left by the commie-union-socialist-racist-libfest compared to the tea party and 8-28 rally, it's obvious that conservatives are far more concerned about the planet.


  1. Glenn Beck I went to your rally I did your 40 Day 40 Night challenge and I've been waiting for you to question with boldness the hard, clear fact that Mr. Obama was never constitutionally eligible to hold the office of POTUS. Why don't you define Natural Born Citizen for us on your blackboard?

  2. I am 120% positive that Barack Obama is NOT eligible to hold office. He might of been born here, but he's def not eligible. He has spent so much money to hise that with his lawyers and it's a shame that we have so many dumb Americans who will take the word of a snatch licking progressive who looks like a boy (Rachel Maddow) over using their own brain and doing their own research. What dummies.