Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DUMBASS: Jay-Z Blames 'Reaganomics' for Drug Epidemic too Stupid to Realize 'Reaganomics' Made Him Million$...

What in the world was Beyonce thinking?!?

Fuuggggllllyyyyy..... 'hey, must be the $$!'

Seeming to resurrect a favorite paranoid conspiracy of the 1980s, Shawn Carter, who goes by the stage name “Jay-Z” and is out with an autobiography, Decoded, about the originals of rap music, suggested on Tuesday's Late Show that “Reaganomics” and “Iran-Contra” put crack into urban neighborhoods.

Discussing the gun violence and drugs in Brooklyn in the late 1980s when rap music was created, David Letterman wondered: “Was it crack, the number one street drug?” Carter/Jay-Z answered:

During that time, you know, all joking aside, you know, this whole Reaganomics, Iran-Contra, you know, all the drugs that influenced, I mean infiltrated our neighborhoods and was everywhere like you could smell the stench in the hallways.

NOTE- After hearing Jay-Z's ebonically challenged statement accusing Ronald Reagan of causing drug problems and the stench of urine inside the stairwells of the projects (really caused by untrained pigs who were too lazy to walk up the stairs to use the toilet in their apartment that was paid for by the people who actually work in America), it makes you realize what a STUPID hypocrite he is.

Jay-Z is proof that you can be a blithering idiot and a millionaire. If it wasn't for Reaganomics and capitalism, Jay-Z wouldn't have near the wealth he has right now.

Was 'Reaganomics' around during the 60's when drugs were around and hippies everywhere were getting stoned and doing acid? Were meth labs and the crack cocaine epidemic caused by 'Reaganomics?' Seriously?

Jay-Z is a moron. (A wealthy moron who lives in the rich white neighborhood of Alpine N.J next to that other hypocrite Chris Rock)

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