Wednesday, November 17, 2010

First Lady’s New Chief of Staff: Dem Fundraiser & ‘Soros-Friendly Bundler’

Nearing the midpoint of Michelle Obama’s inaugural term, there is a reported shake-up going on amongst the first lady’s senior staff. Obama’s chief of staff, Susan Sher, is reportedly stepping down after having been on the job for just under a year and a half. Before her White House stint, Sher served as Obama‘s superior at the University of Chicago Medical Center and as an attorney for Chicago Mayor Richard Daley’s administration.

Stepping into Sher’s shoes is another close confidante of the Obamas: Tina Tchen.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Among the many moves afoot, Tina Tchen, who is responsible for working with outside groups, is preparing to move to the East Wing to serve as First Lady Michelle Obama’s chief of staff, according to two Democrats close to the White House.

It’s part of a shuffle that gives the White House a chance to consider how it wants to organize itself for the coming two years, when it will face a more hostile, more Republican Congress. Interim Chief of Staff Pete Rouse is studying how to reorganize the place so it is ready for the next stage. READ MORE...


  1. Time for Soros to get his people into position to push the New World Order through.....
    America is TOAST if the supposed conservatives on capital hill do not wake up and start doing their JOB of protecting our CONSTITUTION!!! They have to know they CANNOT play ball with Soros's puppets.
    If they do not use their new platform to INFORM the American people the TRUTH of the dire straits our nation is in....what are we gonna do????

  2. OMG!!!! Michelle without MAKEUP!!!!!!!
    does she dare now to be HERSELF?????her true COMMUNIST/MARXIST SELF????