Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WHERE'S THE OUTRAGE? Nevada Voter Fraud: Did Corrupt 'Dirtbag' Harry Reid Really Steal Nevada?

That’s a good question and one worth looking into considering the following:

5 point margin of victory highly suspicious given pre-election polls showing Angle ahead, combined with reports of vote-flipping on machines controlled by Reid’s son and serviced by corrupt pro-Reid union.

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A serious investigation into potential vote fraud needs to be launched immediately in Nevada, after incumbent Harry Reid beat Tea Party candidate Sharron Angle by a clear five points, despite pre-election polls showing Angle four points ahead, amidst suspicious evidence of vote flipping and other dirty tricks on behalf of the Reid campaign last week that were dubbed “criminal” by Angle’s campaign attorney.

Angle clearly had the momentum going into the election, having come from behind to take the lead over the Senate majority leader.

Four separate Rasmussen polls prior to the election had Angle ahead. Two weeks before Super Tuesday, she held a 50% to 47% lead over Reid. One week prior to voting, on October 26, her lead was extended to four points, with Angle at 49% and Reid at 45%.

The race was tight, but surveys clearly showed that Angle was gradually extending her lead as each week went by.

To have a nine point swing, from Angle enjoying a four point lead just a week before the election, to Reid winning the seat by a clear five points, is highly suspicious, especially given the chicanery that came to light just last week. Nine points is not within the margin of error for polls, especially those conducted by Rasmussen, which is considered to be one of if not the most credible polling agency. READ MORE...


  1. yes he did. no doubt. when I was out in Vegas, everyone despised him and Obama. he was killing business. valet parkers, cab drivers, bartenders, card dealers, and especially the gun shop people, the helicopter tours, hoover dam employees, I mean everyone despised Harry Reid! there's no fuc*** way he won that. it was stolen and Obama and the dems had something to do with it. the filthy SEIU -the machines- early ballots, illegals voting, this is bullshit and they all need to go to jail. you dont mess with the our democracy. if the republicans did this, I would be outraged too. i hate democrats!@

  2. I know this sounds a little conspiratorial but does anyone else find it odd that SEIU maintains the ballot machines and that a power outage just happened to hit Nevada on election day. Normally I would laugh at such suggestions but after what I have seen over the past two years I am no longer blowing this stuff off.

  3. Of course it was by fraud!!! No sane person could ever doubt it.

  4. I am outraged!! The tiny twerp needs to be investigated and thrown out!