Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WTF? Obama Rallies With Communist Owned Propaganda Website Day After Election Upsets

During his press conference today, President Obama reassured the American people that he would focus on working with friends and foes across the aisle. Meanwhile, on a conference call with activists, the president signaled he’s looking to continue pursuing his liberal agenda, working hard to “deliver the change the American people want… We didn’t sign up for what was easy,” he said.

And why should the liberal left let something like a democratic election get in the way of their agenda? After all, as Obama notes, “we signed up for what is right.” To the left, their agenda is “right” and in their mind, Americans got it wrong on Nov. 2.

Full speed ahead:

Now listen to what Obama tells the American people. You know, those American people who are just too stupid to understand his failing radical agenda...

Only an idiot would believe this clown. How in the world did this community organizer become the President of the United States of America?

ANSWER- 'Idiots' with the power to vote...

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  1. Obama learned how to get his way no matter how elections turn out from his cousin Odinga in Kenya... But our last 2 elections have been STOLEN from we the people... America now has more corrupt elections than 3rd world nations because the liars, cheaters and theives in the progressive party are hell bent on DESTROYING America in time for the beginning of Soros' New World Order..
    obviously we the American people, being too smart, are holding things up here... finally Obama IS going to go to Indonesia, a trip he has canncelled many times because we have put up such a fight to not lose out freedom.. what is he going to tell the world???? is he going to tell them that America is an Islamic nation?? and that the global caliphate is now complete?...that is what all of this is about... Be ready to fight the animals when they start to pillage, and ready to defend yourself. Watch Home Alone for ideas.. baseball bats at hand and have fire extinguishers in every room of your house.. they like to set things on fire..Stock up on food and water as well... the stealth war on America by islamofascists is near the violence part..they think they have conquered us by keeping us uninformed of their actions around the world.