Sunday, December 5, 2010

Death Panel? Daschle Encourages ‘Other Options’ for Elderly Patients Needing Surgery

And liberals are NOT idiots? Of course they are....

The hospice exchange starts at 2:23:

Former Senator Tom Daschle wants to “encourage” elderly patients in need of surgeries to seek “other options.”

During a recent radio interview, the former Senate Democrat admitted that if an elderly patient might need a heart transplant, that patient should be encouraged to seek options such as oral medication or “hospice.” For those unfamiliar with hospice, and as the radio host rightly points out, “hospice is where you go to die.”*

Remember, Obama nominated Daschle for health and human services secretary.

And Sarah Palin was DEAD on....


*On a personal note, my mother currently runs a hospice. The “new” hospice that Daschle talks about in the interview is something she’s never seen. Hospice is end of life care — period.

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