Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gene Simmons: I Want My Obama Vote Back

Well, his reason for voting for Obama in the first place was borderline 'retarded'' but we will still place him under our 'smart celebrity' catagory even though he's a former idiot.

'By the way Gene, Barack Obama is NOT black.'

Why don't people get this?!?

Let's give Kathleen Parker credit for not badgering rock star Gene Simmons with, "Yeah, but aren't I as awesome and chic and cute as Sarah Palin is stupid?" Such restraint on the part of someone so "unqualified" to co-host a television show next to a guy smarter than she is, who runs circles around her, is admirable. Parker's sucking up to the left under the mistaken belief they wouldn't smell weakness and abuse it for every partisan advantage is a "naive" mistake Sarah Palin never made - you know, the Sarah Palin with the successful TV show and bright future.

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