Friday, December 10, 2010

EFFING PATHETIC: Obama Leaves Bill Clinton at White House Podium

Obama Leaves Clinton to It from The Blaze on Vimeo.

President Barack Obama must have lots of faith in Bill Clinton’s ability to sell a policy — even if the policy is Obama’s own. During a Friday afternoon joint press conference with Clinton, Obama interjected that he had other business to attend to, leaving Clinton to pitch Obama’s tax “compromise” to the White House press corps:

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  1. I do believe that Obama agreed to destroy America for George Soros and the Saudi's because they told him how much good food and good fun he could have when in the office as the POTUS...that is how they convinced him rather than to MOVE to a country where he would feel more at home, to destroy America, the best nation on Earth from within, bringing anarchy and chaos to the entire was for the food and then fun..Obviously