Saturday, December 11, 2010

‘Moon Over New Jersey’: Chris Matthews Mocks Chris Christie’s Weight

Hardball host Chris Matthews appeared at a local event in Washington D.C. on Thursday to trash Republican Chris Christie as too fat to be President. The Washington Examiner reported that Matthews derided the New Jersey governor, mocking, “Chris Christie is moon over New Jersey, he should not wear white shirts, I tell you that.”

He continued, “I saw him the other day and I was amazed by it, he must be 300 plus, and that’s something he’s just gotta deal with because you’re not going to say, ‘I’m going to cut the budget,’ well, how about starting with supper?”

NOTE- More hypocrisy coming from a proud member of the phony liberal crowd, the same people who are responsible for creating (ridiculous) 'anti-bullying' laws.

Chris Matthews, who wears a diaper to soak up the urine while discussing Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman and to absorb the semen 'leaks' from the sound of Obama's voice when making a speech, is the LAST person who should be criticizing anyone about their appearance.

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