Thursday, December 16, 2010

OUT OF THE CLOSET: Rachel Maddow: I Used to Love Glenn Beck: “I think he was the most talented radio personality of my entire generation,”

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow made a startling admission to David Letterman Wednesday night: she used to be a huge Glenn Beck fan.

During her appearance, the liberal TV host said that she really liked Beck and his radio show prior to him getting a TV gig at Fox, even admitting she used to listen to Beck every day.

“I think he was the most talented radio personality of my entire generation,” she told Letterman. She described Beck’s pre-Fox radio show as “incredibly performative…he inhabited all these different characters, he would do all these voices, it was very entertaining. really funny, really fast-paced, very unpredictable, surprising, very good.”

But now her opinion has changed: “He mostly just talks about himself and it’s not as fun. But when he was on the radio, before he got on TV, he was great.”

The compliments were mostly backhanded, Letterman and Maddow made sure to take jabs at Fox and conservatives in general. Letterman even called Beck “loony” and a “blowhard”:

NOTE- The very dishonest David Letterman and 'Boy' Maddow look so delusional to rational thinking people who actually watch Letterman. Even the very few honest liberals left on the planet know that MSNBC is a propaganda machine.

The reason FOX news crushes MSNBC in the ratings is because the American people want the truth and they want to hear both sides. They don't want to hear spin, talking points and personal attacks and guests who only agree with the host of an opinion show. The left believes that the American people are just too stupid to know what real news is. Oh please!

Maybe hiring giant, indoctrinated progressive 'carpetmunchers' with philosophy degrees isn't the best way to find an objective journalist. Maybe MSNBC should hire Sarah Palin, at least she has a degree in journalism and speaks the truth.

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  1. Limbaugh got out of television for much the same reasons. Once you get on TV it's all about the person and not what the person says.

    Don't hire Palin, she'll just get tired of it and quit.