Thursday, December 16, 2010

WHAT 'DOPEY' SOUNDS LIKE: Streisand Sours on Obama, Says She Left the Country

So Obama really has a heart? Did Barbara ever watch a partial birth abortion video? And if Obama is so smart, how come he is failing at everything he does while bankrupting the entire country? Progressives like Obama are not smart, they're evil, mean and corrupt people who are economically retarded.

If Obama is so smart, why doesn't he release his records from college?

Barbara? You there? Hello?


  1. she means, he's not COMMUNIST enough! dumb bitch, if it wasn't for capitalism her jewass would be looking for work and not finding it right now. all elitists like Streisand should be stoned.

  2. Does Idiots4obama tolerate anti-Semitism?

  3. not sure-but I sure as hell know the democrats do- our president does. black caucus members do. also-"jewass" i anti-semetic? Um, last time I checked, it was okay to call an Irishman a mick, a russion, a russian and a jewish persona jew. how is that anti-semetic? they are called jews daily on the news? they call eachother fellow jews. aren't they jews? what crawled up your ass and made you write a dumb comment like that? it isnt like he said jews, followed by "ovens" or "blood suckers" You're an idiot.

  4. I guess a worse transgression is the writer's desire to stone to death someone for the crime of not agreeing him or her about politics.