Monday, January 10, 2011

Is Obama, Trinity Church And Rev. Wright Responsible For These Crimes?

Blacks attack whites in Denver.

“I hate you f—ing white people,” said a black woman in a large group of black men, according to the victim who was beaten up as he and three buddies left a LoDo bar after midnight on Aug. 30.

“F—- you, white boys,” the woman added, according to the 25-year-old Westminster victim, who spoke to 7NEWS Friday.

“Why do you hate white people? That’s when I got hit. They beat the crap out of me,” he added, saying that 15 to 20 men beat him to the ground.

Several of the 35 young male and female suspects arrested by police recently said the gangs often targeted lone white and Hispanic men because they didn’t “fight back” and they had money, iPods and other valuable gadgets that attackers coveted.

SO- Was this a hate crime?

Was Obama and his church responsible?

Obama did say "A white mans greed runs a world in need." Did these kids hear Obama's audio, see this video or read his book?

His former Pastor Jerimiah Wright went a little further. See video below.

Are we going to blame Rev. Wright for every black on white crime in America?

(Do you see where we're going with this?)

Who would of thought that some day we would have a President who attended this disgraceful church for close to twenty years and called this same dirtbag pastor a "wonderful man?' More evidence that we have millions of idiots (and growing) in this country who vote.

Not so fast libtards. Nice try, but here's Obama calling Wright a 'wonderful man.'

Was Obama and Rev. Wright responsible for the black on white crime below?

Should we blame Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton for this murder? They divide Americans and manufacture false claims of racism which could have angered these men to commit such a heinous crime against whites.

Seriously; the liberal media needs to grow up and get a life.
(And get out of journalism)

The only people who are responsible for the crimes they commit are the people who committed them!

If someone wearing a Ozzy Osbourne shirt shoots a gas station attendant in a robbery, it's NOT Ozzy's fault. Got it libtards?

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