Monday, January 10, 2011

YOU DECIDE: Democrats Enemy Amnesia: Obama or Palin – Who’s Really Responsible for Ramping Up the Rhetoric?

There's a reason we call them 'idiots.'


  1. The name of your site is "Idiots for Obama." On the right hand side I see an image of Obama as Marxist and on the right an image of Obama as The Joker (perhaps the WORST fiction villain ever).

    And then you are asking the question of who is raising the rhetoric?

    You don't see the irony of this?

  2. Not really. We already know who's raising the "rhetoric." (Why do libs love to use that word as if it makes them sound smart or something) It's the left. I challenge you to show me evidence- and I will put it up against 15 by the left. Obama is also intentionally tearing down America. Guess you missed the bus on that one genius.

    It's not exactly a secret that Obama is a Marxist. Please tell me they didn't "give" you a degree! Do you know what "spread the wealth" means? Did you read Obama's own books? Did you ever read Saul alinsky or the communist manifesto? Do you know anything about Marx? OR- are you the typical idiot coming to the table knowing nothing?

    So Obama is a compulsive liar and worse than the Joker- that's evident- and I'm supposed to sit in the corner with my welfare check and shut my mouth and put my tail between my legs while you progressives tear down this nation that me and my father fought for? Are you out of your fuc*ing mind?

    Do you really think because this blog exposes the truth, that some left wing pot head flag burning Bush-hating athiest libtard is going to shoot another democrat congresswoman? Are you really serious? Are you really that stupid?

    Don't answer....

    There's over 18,000 murders a year in America. Who is to blame for the other 17,999? Please tell me...