Wednesday, January 12, 2011

CELEB-U-TARDS: Lies On National Television: A Spike Lee Joint. ALSO- Bill Maher ‘Tonight Show’ Tirade: Stop The Bulls*** About Constitution

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Make sure you tell the little kiddies in the book that because of Barack Obama, they already owe the government about a hundred G's...

While promoting his new children’s book on the TODAY show (VIDEO) Spike Lee was asked for his reaction to the Tucson shootings. I know what you’re thinking: Finally! America could barely go another day without hearing from Spike Lee on this!

Spike responded by saying that the shootings prove that the gun control laws need to be tightened in this country. While being careful to say this was “his opinion” he lashed out at the NRA and lax gun control laws for contributing to the U.S. being “the most violent country in the history of the world.”

Aside from that not at all being an opinion, but an attempt at a statement of fact, there’s one other small problem: it’s completely false.

Let‘s assume for a second that Spike wasn’t talking about bloody periods in history like the Spanish Inquisition, French Revolution, Holocaust or any of the other times when man tortured, maimed and killed each other in appalling numbers. Let’s instead give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he meant to base his embarrassingly idiotic “opinion” on some kind of actual data. In this case, I would assume that murders per capita would be a good place to start.

How does the U.S. rank? According to Nation Master (which pulls its data from the U.N.) the U.S. is 24th in the world. That means, in Spike’s mind, he could move to Russia, Venezuela, Jamaica, South Africa or Columbia and be SAFER than he is in his U.S. mansion. (Side note, if he moved to Columbia and filmed the experience it would be the first movie of his I’ve ever seen.)

If we want to give Spike even more undeserved leeway, let’s narrow the stat down to murders per capita through use of a firearm. The U.S. is 7th. (South Africa is first, with a rate 26 times higher than us.) Countries like Mexico also beat us, which makes sense to anyone who has paid attention at all to the fact that parts of Mexico are now seemingly run entirely by drug lords.

Look, I don’t really care what Spike Lee says. I really don’t. The problem is that when this kind of rhetoric is put out on our national airwaves it just might influence people to act on their misguided beliefs. Remember Spike, words have consequences.

Celeb-u-tard #2, Bill Maher. (This sissy again? Really?)

What's really sad about this segment is that about 12 libtards in the audience were applauding the angry progressive dork.

BUT- most of the left-leaning audience members still thought Bill Mahr was a smug, arrogant, condescending douchebag himself.

THERE'S MORE- Watch and listen to how STUPID Bill Mahr sounds trying to justify his statements and then lying about the left NOT using 'rhetoric' and then ignoring the FACT that democrats have always used 'targets' on districts in the past.

Bill Maher looks to be the final holdout in the Blame Republicans For The Arizona Shootings Bunker. The best proof that he’s now pretty much alone is that given the benefit of witnessing the backlash and not being on the air Saturday, yesterday both “The View” and Jon Stewart figured out it wasn’t a good idea to go there and in fact went in the complete opposite direction of their cohorts on the Left, taking the obviously correct position that political rhetoric, metaphors, and obscure maps don’t kill people.

If you watch the video above, however, you’ll see that Maher apparently used his three three days to figure out a different tactic that he thinks allows him to blame the right (though not “directly,” he claims) and to keep the meme alive a little longer. It’s the age-old tactic of desperation we call ”moving the goalposts.”

In order to avoid having to explain the extreme vitriol we’ve seen on the left for over a decade now, Maher’s now declared that anyone responsible for violent and over-the top rhetoric who isn’t an elected official, simply isn’t worth talking about. He dismisses them as “nuts” who are unworthy of discussion and not part of the problem. Of course, in order to move the goalposts of the debate where he needs them, Maher is pretty much labeling MoveOn, MSNBC, the Hollywood left, and his pal Markos Moulitsas as “nuts,” but if it allows more smearing of conservatives, it’s doubtful they’ll mind.

But Maher is still wrong, though, and laughably so. Only Republicans who hold office are culpable? To his credit, Anderson Cooper busts the HBO comedian almost immediately by bringing up no less than President Obama’s declaration of how Democrats need to bring guns to knife fights. Listen to Maher, who’s uncharacteristically caught in the headlights with the question, try and talk his way out of that one:

No, it’s not [a fair comparison]. I mean, maybe it’s unfortunate that he would use that metaphor, but you know, there are such things as guns and knives in the world. So we’re not trying to say you can’t use those words ever in speech. But it’s a lot different than this sort of direct idea that it’s okay to threaten with bodily harm the people you disagree with. READ MORE...



  1. why didn't that bimbo challenge him on his lie? the NRA is responsible for saving lives, almost a million a year in self defense cases. 90% of inmates call themsleves democrats. hows that working out for them?


  2. THE audience was like noooooo, he forgot it wasnt his deranged leftist LA audience he screens before his show.