Wednesday, January 12, 2011

PALIN CALLS OUT MEDIA 'BLOOD LIBEL' Update- Rep. Clyburn: Palin ‘Attractive’ but ‘Intellectually’ Incapable of Understanding Arizona Shootings

Sarah Palin is right, and the progressives (democrats) and the media are becoming even more of a joke. This video shows that Sarah Palin is far more intelligent and rational than any progressive nutjob.

Only a true 'hater' with (PDS) can disagree with Sarah Palin in this video. And most of those 'haters' are the same people who will drool over Obama's orchestrated, scripted, phony speech that he will be making later in Arizona as he bows his head and pretends to pray, knowing that he doesn't have to politicize this tragedy because his entire party and his 'Obama media' are already doing it for him.

What a bunch of moronic 'sheep' we have on left.

President Obama didn't have time to visit Arizona to witness the border violence as he was too busy playing 43 rounds of golf and taking lavish vacations on the taxpayers dime, but now he's forced to finally visit the 'red' state he despises and it took a massacre to get him there.

It's such a shame to know that we have so many idiots in America who believe that Sarah Palin is responsible for this tragedy, committed by a psychopath who isn't much different than Obama's old good friend Bill Ayers.

Liberals ARE idiots... (See Video Below) Rep. Clyburn: Palin ‘Attractive’ but ‘Intellectually’ Incapable of Understanding Arizona Shootings



  1. I hate her accent, her views on abortion, and her slogans. But I love Sarah Palin. I do not agree with her but understand why she has her beliefs, and I think she would have far better judgement than Barack Obama and the democrats.

    She is abused by the media and after doing a lot of research, they were all lies. Other than a Couric interview and ONLY a Couric interview, I don't see much wrong with this woman.

    Double standards with conservative women have made me reconsider some of my political leanings and with NOW being so hypocritical, the media lying about Palin and the recent attempt to blame her for this shooting, I just think she's a strong woman and a real feminist. I hope she becomes President. Wow, can't believe I wrote that!

    And to all my former liberal friends,

    "you are all hypocrites and nasty mean people who I don't want any part of. The Alan Grayson's, the racist anti-white CBC race carders like Lewis and Clyburn, the corruptacrats like Waters and Rangel, the bailout housing goons like Dodd and Obama, the fannie-freddies like Barney Frank, the Barbara Boxers who invest in oil companies, then sell out their stock and push for cap and trade ignoring the fact that climate change is a hoax have all made me almost embarrassed to be considered a classic liberal."

    I always knew Hillary was a pandering typical politician. She did a terrible job as Senator in New York and caught less flack than a woman in Alaska named Sarah Palin who did a great job as Governor who had a astounding 85% approval rating before the lying, nasty, ignorant, defamation media started spreading lies about her. It made me furious.

    I am not a republican, but I will vote for Sarah if she runs. Any woman who can still fight after what she's been through is strong enough to lead this country, unlike the radical Hillary, who used her husbands status to promote her political career and who was too weak to leave him. A strong woman would have left her lying cheating hubby.

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