Saturday, January 15, 2011

O'Reilly: The Tide has Turned Against the Left

Has the tide turned against the American left? That is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points" memo. The shocking events this week in the aftermath of the Arizona mass murder have turned the tide against the American left. READ MORE...


  1. Obama got the victories he needed: health care, Wall street reform, Major social change. He changed the country. He can track to the center, and even if he loses reelection (unlikely) he can walk out as the most transformative president in 80 years.

    Thoughts for MLK Day tomorrow.....

    Sarah Palin can whine on Facebook....

  2. You mean Obama and the democrats further destroyed health care, raised taxes, put Americans in 4 times the debt all previous Presidents combined did, still hasn't closed GITMO, still hasn't withdrawn from Afghanastan and Iraq, and took care of his buddies on Wall Street while disguising it as a Wall Street reform bill (Because he knows his supporters are too stupid to really know what's in these bills) and socially divided the country, right? Naive and stupid voters caused this.

    Remember, democrats actually have memos and meetings with the headline being "remember, out democrats voters are stupid. just tell them what they want to hear. Use cute code words. They will believe us. Just be positive."

    Democrats don't 'think' their supporters are stupid, they know it.'

    Now hopefully we can get some real American conservatives/libertarians in congress to defund and reverse this load of shit the democrats created.

    Obama will lose the elction in 2012, but it will be close which is really sad. If we had a country filled with intelligent, informed Americans, it would be a crushing landslide. But in 2011, we have a historic rate of dumb scum living in America and they're allowed to vote.

  3. MLK was black. Obama isn't. MLK was a womanizer, Obama wants to be but can't. MLK was more of a conservative, Obama is a sissy liberal.

    Sarah Palin can whine, and she has the right to whine, but as long as she's right, and she is, she will have millions of fans like me who are not stupid enough to get on our knees like gay sheep and take it in the ass from the lying left like liberals do-who actually believe the crap coming from the haters.

    Most conservatives, the smartest voters in America, understand that while we might not want Sarah to run for President now, at the time she was choosen for VP, she was the most qualified, good candidate on the ticket. If you think Hillary, Obama and Biden and McCain would do a better job than Palin, you are smoking some serious crack. Look what she's done, look at her record, not opinions and lies by media. Only a retard would do that and well, they don't call them "libtards" for nothing. They have earned that title.

    You keep doing what your doing Sarah. If you can piss off liberals that bad, youre doing something right and I love it because I despise those liberal vermin. They make me sick.

  4. Do you have to be so crude? C'mon. We're all just people. Sometimes people disagree. I don't hate Sarah Palin. The Tucson shooting didn't have anything to do with her. She's looking a bit defensive. Don't know why...

    The President appealed to our sense of civility. Do you value civility?

  5. "I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear." ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

  6. Critical commentary about Sarah Palin will continue undiminished, until it becomes an essential subgenre of the progressive swine. Just trace the constantly mutating concerns of Sarah's reviewers, the brain-damaged-liberals, everytime Sarah directs her attention to our nation's shifting ideals and anxieties.

    Sarah Palin constantly reemerges to seduce the respectable folk, and to break the rules and defy anyone to make something of it----and as far as the progressive-outlaws are concerned, her pure spoken language stands as an immutabe and moral touchstone for the American people, and a simple offer of go to hell to the American haters----

    Russell G.

  7. well. after what she's been through I give her alot of credit, especially for stepping down or quitting as libs call it. it was the right thing to do and she left the state in pretty good hands. she is defensive because millions of morons who are allowed to breathe in this country are accusing her of murder. i personaly hope all those people choke on their dinner or take a swim in the mississippi with ed reeds brother in january, but thats me. she should defend herself from lib scum.

  8. Obama with his perfumed defamations has to trod a parallel tightrope-----
    His rueful discriptions of himself as a theoretical socialist and a practial aristocrat flourish along side his unquenchable thrall of the primal----

    Sarah Palin knows that it is nice to have public approval, but never to let public opinion rule her---
    Sarah is for the common man, the working man as the rightful sovereign of his world, as opposed to Obama and his rising scourge of socialism----