Monday, January 17, 2011

Ronald Reagan – More of a Friend to Blacks Than Obama?

Who was the first black president?

Two decades before the election of Barack Obama, novelist Toni Morrison dubbed Bill Clinton "our first black president." She even said that Clinton was "blacker than any actual black person who could ever be elected in our children's lifetime."

Well, I could make an even stronger case for my father, Ronald Reagan, as "our first black president."-but I won't make that claim. I don't want to diminish the justifiable pride African-Americans take in having a president who is genetically and culturally black. Our first black President is Barack Obama.


But the past two years have made one thing clear: Ronald Reagan was a far better friend to black Americans than Barack Obama has been. Just compare the Reagan and Obama records. Under Obama, black unemployment rose from 12.6 percent in January 2009 to 16.0 percent today. This means that black unemployment has increased by more than one-fourth since Obama took office.

And the Reagan record? African-American columnist Joseph Perkins has studied the effects of Reaganomics on black America. He found that, after the Reagan tax cuts gained traction, African-American unemployment fell from 19.5 percent in 1983 to 11.4 percent in 1989. Black-owned businesses saw income rise from $12.4 billion in 1982 to $18.1 billion in 1987-an annual average growth rate of 7.9 percent. The black middle class expanded by one-third during the Reagan years, from 3.6 million to 4.8 million.

Before he was elected, in speech after speech, my father said that his economic plan would improve the lives of African-Americans. In a February 1977 CPAC address, he said, "The time has come for Republicans to say to black voters: 'We offer principles that black Americans can and do support. We believe in jobs, real jobs; we believe in education that is really education; we believe in treating all Americans as individuals and not as stereotypes or voting blocs.'"

My father understood that, while African-Americans may vote Democratic, they live as conservatives. Like all Americans, black Americans want to succeed, they want to be free, and they want to maintain strong families. READ MORE...


  1. Barack Obama is not the 1st black president. Why do people keep saying that? He's bi-racial, more white than he is black and so disrespectful to his Marxist mother. She was white, Obama is 50% white, 25% african and arab. I don't understand why people don't get this. What Obama has done though, is he has ruined it for the 1st possible real black President who might never get elected because there are going to be people who say "Oh hell no, remember what happened the last time we elected a black President, he ruined the country, destroyed the economy and contributed to the gaying of America." Even black folks with a brain won't like what Obama has done for his assistance in creating unemployment in the black community, forcing them to agree with the gay lifestyle, forcing them to serve with them in the military, forcing them to learn homosexuality in the schools while supporting the attack on religion by his party, his abortion views, gun control views, and pretty much everything else Obama believes in the black folks are against.

    Obama is really a white liberal. He couldn't relate to the black community and that fake walk he practiced to appear more blacker isn't fooling me. It didn't fool Bobby Rush either.

  2. I remember that dumbass DL Hugly or whatever his name is on Bill Maher talking bout how murder in L.A increased under Reagan when it decreased and no one on the panel challenged him. Most of the drones who watched that show just probably agreed with him because "he said it." Reagan was good for blacks. Trickled down economics helped poor people! Without capitalism, poor people in America would be the equivlent of the poor people in Haiti and Kenya. That's the difference! Now we have "tricked up poverty" which will just bring everyone down to misery and under socialism, the poor get poorer, the middle class struggle and the rich still saty rich, but it makes it harder for everyone else to get ahead and life themselves out of poverty therefore making people more reliable on government, therefore continuing to vote democrat. Duuhhhh. It's kind of working. Those white liberals are smart and evil. It's we the people who have become stupid. Except that tea party. They seem to be the only voters with brains.