Saturday, January 15, 2011

PROOF MAHER IS A HYPOCRITE: Bill Maher to Tea Party: ‘Founding Fathers Would Have Hated Your Guts’ VIDEO 2007 Maher Supports Tea Partier Ron Paul

Bill Maher closed out tonight’s season premiere of Real Time with one of his go-to bits: Tea Party (or, as he’d say, Teabagger) bashing. He hit on his usual points on the subject, like what he sees as racist sentiments in the Tea Party and religion (of which, of course, Maher isn’t much of a fan) with a slightly different conceit: he contrasted the Tea Party to the people they “believe are just like them, but aren’t”: the Founding Fathers.

*Why are people applauding Maher's so-obvious lies? It's because they're idiots.

Bill Maher had no problem sweating Republican tea partier Ron Paul in 2007 and even talked about supporting him for the President of the United States! Ron Paul IS the Tea Party. What a hypocrite!

Recently, Bill Maher has not only been insulting the tea party, but Rand Paul, the son of Ron Paul, who is also a tea party republican. There's not much difference between Ron and Rand, but as long as Bill Maher can continue to fool his idiotic audience, he will continue to put that little 'bitch' finger in the air and see which way the progressive winds blow because if he loses that small mentally disturbed demographic, he becomes irrelevant. Maher is a joke, but it's his fans who are the true idiots. Watch Ron Paul and Bill Maher in the video below.

Watch 'tea partier' Ron Paul educate Chris Matthews...

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  1. love this blog. maher is so 2-faced!