Saturday, January 15, 2011

SHOCK ARREST! AZ Shooting Survivor Arrested for Death Threat Against Tea Party Leader. (What's Wrong With These Idiots?!?)

More evidence that progressive suffer from the mental disorder called 'liberalism.' J. Eric Fuller should sympathize with his shooter, not blame an anti-tax, anti-wasteful spending, anti-corruption group of patriotic Americans who care about the direction of their country. What an idiot...

J. Eric Fuller, a survivor of last weekend’s shooting massacre in Tucson, gained national notoriety this week after claiming shooter Jared Lee Loughner got conservatives Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin their “first target.” The Blaze also brought you the story of Trent Humphries, a Tucson-area tea party leader who was warned by police to “stay away from public places” as his organization was being targeted with threats following the shooting.

On Saturday morning, Fuller and Humphries met during a town hall-style event hosted by ABC’s Christianne Amanpour that featured family members of victims, Tucson citizens and community leaders. Toward the end of the meeting, local news reports that Fuller objected to comments made by Humphries and Arizona state Rep. Terri Proud, a Republican. In response, Fuller took a photo of Humphries and told him, “You’re dead.”

Pima County police deputies immediately escorted Fuller from the room. The Sheriff’s spokesman, Jason Ogan, confirmed Saturday afternoon that Fuller has been charged with threats & intimidation and disorderly conduct.

The ABC News town hall meeting, dubbed “After the Tragedy: An American Conversation Continued,” is set to air on Sunday morning, but it was not clear whether Fuller’s comments would be included in the final broadcast.

Also in attendance for the town hall meeting were Mayor Bob Walkup, Democratic Congressman Raul Grijalva, and former Congressman Jim Kolbe.

NOTE- Watch how the left-wing media (ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC) spins this...

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