Friday, January 7, 2011

Stossel vs Coulter on Legalizing Drugs

Unlike when liberals are involved in a debate, the conservative and the libertarian both make excellent points. (Which is why we believe that voting 'anything but democrat' is good for America)

We rarely disagree with Stossel or Coulter and both are very intelligent, but we have to side with Coulter on this one. We already have enough lazy people in America who are not looking for work and aren't on drugs collecting a welfare check or unemployment check.

America doesn't need any additional lazy, stoned, high, tired, impaired drug users and addicts who will be promised a free check from the democrats, courtesy of the taxpayer, to sit at home and do nothing all day but breed and vote 'D' down the line.

Eliminate the welfare state and maybe we can start with legalizing weed.

1 comment:

  1. I am pro Stossel on this issue but Ann has made the best argument against legalizing drugs I have heard so far to which I must agree.

    One problem I had on hers though was the states comparing which system works best then choosing whichever makes for the best. Sorry but government will never choose whats best for the citizens as long as they can tax you for a "service".