Friday, January 7, 2011

Ted Nugent Against 'Super Idiot' Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr is too stupid to realize that the tea party is not owned by any group or organization. It's owned by the people who identify themselves as 'tea partiers.' It doesn't matter if Freedomworks, or Tea Party Express put on a tea party event, bus tour or a conference; it doesn't matter, they don't own the tea party, the PEOPLE do.

She's also too stupid to realize that the democrats are the party of the rich and have the most millionaires in congress.

She's also too stupid to realize that just because 'Bush did it,' it doesn't make it right for someone from her party to do it a hundred times worse.

She's also too stupid to realize that it's the rich who pay almost ALL of the taxes and create MOST of the jobs in this country and MOST do pay their fair share of taxes.

She's also too stupid to pronounce the 'Koch' brothers correctly.

She's also too stupid to realize that we have a spending problem, not a tax revenue problem. We already pay more than enough in taxes.

She's also too stupid to realize that Goldman Sachs along with BP, Wall Street and many other corporations are in the pockets of Obama and the democrats. Does she do any research at all before coming on a show and running her big fat mouth?!?

Roseanne Barr has a severe mental disorder and is dumber than the rock paper weight that sits on the desk of Janeane Garofalo. Ted Nugent totally destroys her and the freak in the middle, especially when discussing Obama and state of Chicago.

Remember- Roseanne Barr supports Alec Baldwin and agrees with 'EVERYTHING THAT GUY SAYS.' Let's hear how he talks to his daughter...

Who talks to their little girl like that? Liberals are sick people, especially the ones who justify Alec Baldwin's call to his daughter as just some minor mistake!

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  1. Ted freaking ROCKS! That man is amazingly sharp.