Monday, January 17, 2011

TALK ABOUT A PANEL OF IDIOTS: Al Sharpton & MSNBC’s Deutsch: With the Whole Tucson Shooting, and No MLK Day, Should Strange Arizona Secede? Huh?

Did Al Sharpton just call Malcolm X a role model?

Poor Pat Buchanan must be pulling his last hairs out listening to the panel of idiots surrounding him.

MSNBC is so pathetic, that Al Sharpton has been the go-to man on almost every issue they discuss from politics and crime to racism. Are they serious?!?

Where would 'king moron' Al Sharpton be if not for all this manufactured racism by the left? Still working at MSNBC or in the unemployment line along with 20% of the American people.

'Pat, please leave that network. It's bad for your health.'

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