Wednesday, February 2, 2011

9 out of 10 doctors agree: Obamacare blows

President Obama fancies himself a great uniter, and now there’s evidence to suggest there may be something to that claim. Doctors are near unanimous in their opposition to Obamacare.

There is a clear consensus on Capitol Hill, as 15 of 16 Docs in the House voted to repeal Obamacare, and “more than 9 out of 10 doctors’ in a recent survey of 3,000 expect Obamacare’s “impact” on doctors to be negative.

The universal opposition, combined with the number of companies (and unions – like SEIU) scrambling to get Obamacare waivers almost make this photo look like it was staged:

Well, it was staged. Remember, 'the democrat politician doesn't 'think' their supporters are stupid, they 'know' they are.' Hillary Clinton supporters are the perfect examples of this.


  1. Idiots4obama= racist, bigot, extremist website!
    this racist fuck stole this bs poll from the weekly standard and posted it as news, but it turns out, there is no (9 out of 10 doctors argee) usual right-wing racist bs!

    The survey showed six out of 10 doctors (60%) disagree with the Government's reforms of the NHS and many do not believe they will improve patient care. Most doctors (70%) think the reforms will not improve the relationship between GPs and hospital consultants, and there are serious doubts over whether they will cut red tape in the NHS.

    More than 70% of GPs said they also "disagreed" or "strongly disagreed" that plans to create a bigger market in healthcare, using private companies, would improve the NHS.

    The poll, of more than 1,800 GPs, found 52% disagreed or strongly disagreed that the reforms would create a patient-led NHS. Some 43% said the reforms would not improve health outcomes - such as tackling cancer or deaths from heart disease - with another 27% neither agreeing or disagreeing. Overall, 32% disagreed with the direction of the reforms, 29% strongly disagreed and another 15% neither agreed or disagreed. Only one in five (20%) agreed with the direction of the plans, and only 4% strongly agreed.

    typical right-wing racist! can't post facts so make them up for the gullible

  2. That's funny. I'm confused on the "racist" part, but then again, you are a leftist. I'm a physician in Baltimore MD and as a white doctor, I perform many services at no charge to poor black children who have no insurance. With "Obamacare" they will still not have insurance. How come you pinheads don't realize that? Even the very few left-wing physicians I work with don't like "Obamacare."

    You see, if you actually read the bill, like we did, and I hope you have a week or two to complete the reading of it, you will see that "Obamacare" hardly addresses health care period, let alone the problems with getting a policy.

    Ignorant people like you might fall for the terrible weak talking points like being covered for "pre-existing conditions" (that's a lie) and staying on your parents policy until you're in your mid 20's (how irresponsible and sad) but intelligent rational doctors who really want what's best for America and sick people seem to know more than you about the actual bill that had passed, that no one in congress, and the President himself didn't even read, than you do-obviously.

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    Even white liberals are self-loathing cowards. It's just a different kind of racism. It's called "intellectual racism" and you need to learn it.


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