Thursday, February 3, 2011

LIBPOCRISY: Leftist Protesters: ‘Hang’ Clarence Thomas, Kill Fox Execs, ‘Duel’ With Beck

[CONTENT WARNING: Contains vulgar language]

This video was taken at the anti-Koch brothers protest in Palm Spring, CA last weekend. What you’re about to see is shocking — “peaceful” leftist protesters calling for the torture and death of Clarence Thomas as well as the death of Fox News executives, and one woman challenging Glenn Beck to a duel with her “Glock.”

You’ll also hear one person calling for revolution and another saying Thomas should sent “back to the fields”:

And as usual, MSNBC, CNN, ABC and the rest of the liberal media will ignore this, while continuing to lie to the American people about so-called tea party racism and angry right-wing rhetoric. The mainstream media in America is made up of nothing more than a group of pathetic, hypocritical vermin.

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  1. Who knows how this video has been edited. The guy who shot the video was goading them on. But it doesn't excuse these creepy people. Common Cause, the host of the event, has apologized and condemned the peoples' behavior.