Monday, February 7, 2011

LATER SCUMBAG: Democratic Rep. Harman stepping down

One elitist flea-bag progressive politician down, many more to go...

Congresswoman Jane Harman announced on Monday that she was stepping down to run the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

The California congresswoman told supporters in an e-mail that she would be leaving the House. “I send this note because a decision is imminent and I wanted you to hear the news from me first,” she wrote. “This is an excruciating decision because the distinction of representing the smartest constituents on earth will never be surpassed — nor will my relationships with my exceptional staff and colleagues in Congress. But shaping and leading the Wilson Center is a thrilling new challenge.” READ MORE...

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  1. The changes being made to this administration are post American changes.. The changes in the media, including this think tank show that they are in totalitarian mode.. get ready for the internet to be shut down or at least used as a propaganda tool as the nazi's did to their people. Remember the TRUTHS that you hold dear and do NOT be a tool of this evil.