Monday, February 7, 2011

Rep. Bachmann blasts Obama, Democrats during GOP dinner in Helena. 'We Can't Shut This President Down Fast Enough'

HELENA -U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., drew prolonged, loud cheers and laughs in her speech Saturday night at a Republican dinner as she praised Rep. Denny Rehberg and tore into Democratic President Barack Obama and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Bachmann, a leading speaker on the Republican banquet circuit and founder of the House Tea Party Caucus, said the federal debt was "a heart-palpitating $8 trillion" when Pelosi, a California Democrat, became speaker of the House. It grew to $14 trillion in four years.

"There was a reason why we had to take the House of Representatives back," she said of the 2010 election. "We had to. We had to. And we did."

With Obama in the midst of his "reign of error," she said, the Congressional Budget Office projects that if the president is re-elected - "and by the way, that will not happen" - by the end of his term, the United States will be $20 trillion in debt.

Bachmann said she's confident that Republicans will change things, taking control of the Senate in 2012 with victories by candidates such as Rehberg and win back the presidency that year.

"Montana, I am telling you this: You have to elect Denny Rehberg your senator," she said. "You have to, because we have to have a conservative Senate in 2012.

A top priority for Republicans is to repeal the federal health care overhaul passed in 2010 by Congress and signed into law by Obama, she said.

"I take my first political breath every morning with one thought in mind - repeal Obamacare," Bachmann said. "That's my motivation in life. ... This bill is something else. It is the crown jewel of socialism. President Obama, and I'm willing to say it, ushered in socialism under his watch."

She criticized federal bailouts that began under Republican President George W. Bush and continued at a far greater level under Obama.

"So now we the federal government still own Chrysler and GM," she said. "We own the largest banks in America. We own the largest insurance company in America ...

"Then after that we bought lock, stock and barrel Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. These aren't just crazy aunts and uncles that you put up in your attic somewhere. These are largest secondary mortage insurance companies in America, which means the federal government today owns over 50 percent of all private mortgages in this country."

She also blasted Obama's environmental, national security and foreign policies

"My opinion is we can't shut this president down fast enough," Bachmann said to loud cheers.


  1. I love this woman. If only the republican men didn't have their balls swallowed by Perez Hilton and their spines stolen by jellyfish...

  2. Dress her up and run her for president, please. Obama in a cakewalk.

  3. I agree. I want her to run, and Obama to win because I really want all Americans to suffer. They so deserve it. They have a country that was so great and because of a dumbed-down culture, liberals and dumb voters, they got rid of an economic idiot and President who expanded government and started a war GEORGE W. Bush, and voted in a guy 2000 times worse (that's an accurate number) while passing up Ron Paul. American idiots did the same thing with that narcissist liar Bill Clinton, electing him twice to office (Newt and Dick prevented him from coming an Obama type radical) passing up a great man named Ross Perot.

    Now, dumb Americans will pass up this woman for Obama? I will sit home and LMAO watching this recking ball Obama get another 4 years. It already will take 60 years to undo the damage Obama has done (And Bush) in just under 3 years. Keep it going! LOL

    I studied Bachmanns life. I know what she stands for and I wish we had a woman like her in the UK. She understands how great and important the constitution is. Her life story is amazing. Her being a tax attorney and realizing the corruption of the tax code and becoming a rep. for Minnesota while raising over twent-something foster kids and 5 of her own. the USA could use an outspoken woman like her to educate all of the voting dummies in America on the dangers of progressives, Islamization, debt and spending, over regulation, corruption etc..

    The US media is like ours, an agenda driven, bias, left-wing lying organization. We are dumb here too, but not as dumb as you guys who can't learn from others who have already been down the road your heading and the damage that has been done.

  4. She can run for President. Anyone can do that. Like to see her raise the money. But she couldn't win anything outside that Gerrymandered district she wins year after year in Minnesota. Look at it on the map. It looks like the vomit splatter from a Packer fan.

  5. Hmmm, her district, or Obama's district in Chicago? Let me think about where I would rather live on that one...

    Hmmm, Chicago; highest murder rate, high poverty, high unemployment (i know I know, blacks are too lazy. Typical liberal silent response) and even though the corrupt earmark king/then Senator Obama managed to bring back a record $$ of earmarks to the windy city, they're still broke, and the govenment is about shut down and they just had to raise tax to 66%.

    Both are cold and windy, but I will take Bachmanns distric in a heartbeat over a city run by the most corrupt politicians in the nation. Chicago-style isn't for me.

    Got it dirtbag?

  6. You visited Chicago, Johnny?

  7. Yes, my girlfriend was there on business and I went to visit her in that shit hole city. You think we don't travel? I know you American liberals think everyone is stupid and confined, but you don't realize you close-minded toilet bugs have it totally backwards.

    I want to meet Michael Savage- to me, he's the only talk show guy getting it right while you dumbed down Jerry Springer-American Idol watching Americans ruin something we could only dream of having over here. Liberalism destroyed the UK and all of Europe, you think you idiots would learn your lesson and go back to the days of JFK and Reagan.

  8. Sorry you had a bad experience in Chicago. I've always enjoyed the city. Great architecture, music, sports. food. First class museums.

  9. Museums and architecture? lol....ZZzzzzzzzzz

    Talk about BORING. You libs are strange folks.

    I can take a shit, scoop it up, place it on burlap, blow my nose on it, frame it, and you scrawny liberals will look at it hanging on the wall at a art gallery, start scratching your goatees, focusing with your wire rim non-prescription glasses and with your fake intellectual mumble say "inttterrresting" lol.

    Lose the turtle neck geek. I went to Chicago to drink and get laid. I can't help it's a bankrupt crime ridden shithole outside the pub.

  10. You're not from the UK

  11. No, i lied to be cool. I will take that as a compliment.

    Ya bloody tampon..