Monday, February 7, 2011

DERANGED LIBERALS: Tea Party More Dangerous Than Muslim Brotherhood

Oh boy....just read the comments under this video on YouTube!


  1. Not more dangerous. Just more entertaining....

  2. stop talking about your grandmother like that...

    i like the tea party- i believe 1/3 of America supports the tea party which means 2/3 are still stuck on stupid.

    i think even liberals will getting on their knees and blowing the tea party in 10 years when they grow up, get a life, and realize just how stupid they used to be, and how good the tea party was.

    How the hell could any American be against an organization that goes after corrupt politicians in both parties, defeats them, tries to save the dollar and the country by preventing borrowing and spending and then try to prevent shutdowns of speech, radio, internet, propaganda energy policy etc??

    How dumb are you peopel?

  3. don't forget about a healthcare bill that has not only failed in other countries, but hasn't been written to provide heathcare!!!!

    it does nothing to help anyone, and increases costs on others. it's a joke. a 2000 page pile of shit written in back rooms with garbage in it. you people even tax tanning salons. wtf?