Monday, February 7, 2011


Con Artist in Chief: The Obama administration is hands down the most corrupt, dishonest and non-transparent administration in U.S. history. Hope and change...

The drop in unemployment the Obama Administration reported for January is totally phony. Real, unweighted data showed an increase from 9.1% to 9.8% in joblessness rather than a cut in the highly weighted figure from 9.4% to 9.0%.

Put those weighted numbers on a diet!

Economist Jim Fitzgibbon, head of the Highlander Fund, calls the report “worthless” noting that “the entire report is seasonally adjusted to be positive while the non-seasonally adjusted data is just awful.”

While the seasonally adjusted jobless rate dropped from 9.8% in November to 9.0% now, the non-adjusted data went from 9.1% in November to 9.8% now – the exact reverse!

Go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the real data: READ MORE...


  1. The President doesn't even see the Unemployment Statistics until just before they're released to the public. What do you think he does, make them up in the Oval Office. Are you that paranoid?

  2. Actually, he does in a way. You see, you my friend, are too stupid to understand what goes on in the morning meetings in the oval office. The "spin" meetings start early. Obama, Jarrett, Gibbs, Axelrod etc..all sit in a circle and find ways to spin stuff like job numbers to the media. The most important example of this is not letting unemployment go to double digets. If it's 11.6 - make it "9.8" by spinning the way you get your job numbers. Unemployment is really near 19% , but you are way too dumb to know the real number. And to say the President, who boasts on t.v when job numbers go down doesn't know about this or have input is obsurd. Are you really that stupid and naive? The President isn't schooled in most subjects you know. He isn't worried about the economy too much. He's a community organizer-do you know what they do? they lie to people. How do you liberals become so dumb?

  3. "He's a community organizer-do you know what they do? they lie to people."

    And what do you do, Freddy? I'm sure you tell the unvarnished truth. As if...You spin like a dervish, too. I know it. You don't.

  4. Well, I'm actually glad you just justified your stupidity. "Change" means it's okay to not only lie like all other politicians, but do it every time you open your mouth- do you now know why you are considered an idiot?

    I don't lie. I also help people every day in my work and my personal life. I'm a military veteran, a police officer and volunteer and a childrens hospital for burn victims. I am also a volunteer fireman and pay my taxes on time-meaning I could never qualify for a job in the Obama administration.

    I eat healthy too- not because Michelle Obama tells me to, but because I want to. I like that freedom that I have and if i want a slice of pizza, a cookie, a McDonalds hamburger or some ice cream with my kids, I don't need Obama's fat-ass wife telling me otherwise.

    I don't like when the schools tell my 9 year old that one man putting his penis in another mans rearend is "normal" and he has to accept it or he is a "homophobe." As if he's going to beat a gay man to death with a baseball bat or something because he disagrees with his/her lifestyle.

    I don't like that Al Sharpton, Andy Stern and the New Black panthers are at the White House more than I AM...

    I don't like liberals from Mass, Cali and Chi-town dictating to all americans what they should eat, who's health care they should pay for, what car they should drive and what energy to use.

    And as a black conservative with mixed children, I don't need white liberal elitists telling me how I "should" vote, as if I am not capable to vote based on what I believe in. Especially when they need ACORN to go out and wake lazy people up to go vote democrat for a free handout.

    So fu*k off loser..LOL

  5. Oh shit, now that was a smackdown!!!

  6. Well, Anon: It's the same guy saying the same thing over and over. It's got nothing to do with the unemployment statistics. You want to know what happens, the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases the unemployments figures and they're picked up by major media who call their favorite sources at think tanks and banks. I used to work for the chief economist at large bank. He'd get calls from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal etc. the day the unemployment figures are released. That's where the story gets written. Not in Oval office like this dumbass thinks.

  7. That's so not true. When I was a naive college student, I interned for Governor Jon Corzine in New Jersey, who now I realize was the worst Governor in New Jerseys history and that's pretty bad considering who they have had in the past. He was a crook, especially with the unions. He destroyed and bankrupted the pension system. He left the state in massive debt and went on a spending spree when Christie beat him. But out of all that, Jon Corzine specialized in fuzzy numbers. Corzine was all about taking horrible news from a poor job and spinning it into good news first thing in the morning.

    You are out of your mind if you really believe Barack Obama and his crew of communist wanna-be's, don't get those job numbers and spin them right away. There's so many ways to do it. It's all they do, it's all about public perception and approval ratings with these arrogant power hungry crooks. What the hell do you think they talk about in the oval office? Their portfolios?

    Dude, you need to seriously grow up. I did..