Monday, February 14, 2011

LIB-BIMBO: MSNBC‘S Mika Shocked Because Pictures From Egypt Seem So Nice While Harvard’s Niall Ferguson Schools Her on Muslim Brotherhood & Caliphate

Remember, Miki is the airhead who named Arbraham Lincoln as her favorite founding father. Miki choose Lincoln while trying to convince her really dumb audience that Sarah Palin is some kind of idiot for choosing Washington as her favorite founding father. Abraham Lincoln wasn't one of the founders, but we're sure the libtard viewers of MSNBC went right along with Mika's input like the sheep that they are.

Sarah Palin correctly named one of the founders showing more evidence that she's often wrongly accused of being an idiot. And she's a conservative, which means she's already smarter than any liberal/progressive because she believes in something that works (conservatism) over something that fails all of the time (Marxism, socialism, communism, liberalsim)

We will help Mika and her sheep...

Benjamin Franklin,
George Washington,
John Adams,
Thomas Jefferson,
John Jay,
James Madison,
Alexander Hamilton


  1. "Sarah Palin correctly named one of the founders showing more evidence that she's often wrongly accused of being an idiot."

    I, for one, am proud of her.

  2. Me too. They try to make her look like an idiot everytime she says something. They figure if they lie enough about her, it will eventually add up and work. It has worked, but only with stupid people. Kool-aid drinkers are still stupid people. Palin is having the last laugh and still aggrivating liberals which means she is doing something right and I love her for it. So often they paint her as stupid, yet it was Matthews of MSNBC who had history wrong when he accused Bachman of it- it was Maddow who went unchallenged on Letterman and lied about Fox news. They lied about Palin's tanning bed, an affair that wasn't so, troopergate and other frivilous junk stories all believed by idiots (liberals-establishment republicans)

    She's not the smartest person in the world, and we don't know who is, but she's far from an idiot. She's a smart woman who has something liberal women will never achieve, a trimmed bush, shaved legs and pits, good looks, a husband, a job where she didn't need her husband, one last name and common sense!

  3. " a trimmed bush,"

    How do you know that for certain?

  4. probably isn't shaved, it's cold in Alaska. I would say trimmed because she seems like a very feminine woman. They keep those nice landing strips. Unlike libs like HC. I'm guessing Hillary has a jingle and the kinky-haired jewball Debbie Wasserman Schultz's box has a huge blowout perm and looks like horseshack from 'Welcome back Carter.'