Tuesday, February 15, 2011

‘Very Crazy’ ‘Mental Condition’: Matthews’ Fact-Free, Beck Bash Fixation Because Glenn Dared to Say He Wasn’t Sure Yet On The Islamic CPAC Story

So again, Glenn Beck is right and Chris Matthews is wrong (and jealous) so Matthews brings on two far left wing loons to help convince the really dumb 'Hardball' audience that by name calling, he will somehow prevail.

'Liberalism' is a real mental disorder and the proof is in the above video.

Oh no, there's another one. Jeeezzzzz...

MSNBC‘s O’Donnell Attacks ‘Insane’ Beck, the ‘Joke’ That Is O’Reilly, & ‘Gullible’ Fox Audience. What do you expect from an admitted socialist..

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MSNBC‘s Lawrence O’Donnell — and MSNBC in general — loves to talk about three things: Bill O’Reilly, Fox News, and Glenn Beck. Take for example the “Rewrite” section of O‘Donnell’s show last night. In an attempt to belittle Fox, those who are on it, and those who watch it, O’Donnell went on an almost five-minute rant trying to tear down the network and everyone affiliated with it. He paid special attention to O’Reilly, O‘Reilly’s apparent lies, and especially O‘Reilly’s ethnicity: READ MORE...

For the record, readers can see how one person dismantled the Fox-viewers-are-the-most-misinformed study here.


Noel Sheppard over at NewsBusters has some interesting statistics about O‘Donnell’s viewership. Sheppard points out that O‘Donnell’s viewership numbers have declined by 45 percent since his premiere in the 8PM time slot.

“When O‘Donnell premiered at 8PM the first Monday after Olbermann’s departure, he garnered over 1.5 million viewers,” Sheppard writes. “By last Thursday, that had plummeted to 843,000.”

He also notes that fellow MSNBC host Chris Matthews has mentioned Glenn Beck on 17 of his last 20 shows. That leads Sheppard to conclude that MSNBC‘s ratings strategy consists of simply attacking the network’s competitors — “How pathetic.”

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  1. Beck is right on several things but he muddies it up with BS. Don't worry here in about 8 months he will roast someone for taking his very position on the CPAC conspiracy.