Monday, February 7, 2011

'WTF' MOMENT: ‘Get in the Game’: Obama Lectures Chamber of Commerce on ‘Mutual Responsibility’

Working to reaffirm his commitment to creating jobs and to reassure Americans that his administration is a friend of the private sector, President Barack Obama addressed the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Monday. But while taking time to address the group may seem like an olive branch offering from the Obama administration, the president’s remarks seemed to demonstrate a continuing divide between the president and the business community. READ MORE...

8 Shocking, Funny and Revealing Things Obama Told the Chamber of Commerce

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  1. Is this joker serious? Obama's economically 'retarded' and an academic Marxist and he has the nerve to lecture real businessmen on the unnecessary regulations his people have created? Don't fall for his lies...he's good at telling them.