Saturday, March 26, 2011

Farrakhan-a-Rama: Obama Selected to Be First Jewish President, Defends Gaddafi & Dictatorship, Arrogant America Filled With Beasts (Content Warning)

FLASHBACK VIDEO at the "rubber brother" round table last year when Farrakhan was asking people to "leave that brother alone?" (Rubber brother is more like it)

The typical sellouts are present (Farrakhan, Dyson, West, Smiley).

The entire table, especially Farrakhan, are a bunch of clowns and hypocrites. Deep down inside, these professional con artists LOVE America and they know it. If they hated America so much, they would of packed their bags and left. It isn't like they don't have the cash to do it...

So, why don't they leave their mansions and go to Latin America, Canada, Mexico, Africa, Europe or Libya?

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  1. I agree. Will these dumbasses at the table support Alan West and Herman Cain, two real black men who are not financed by Goldman Sachs, for President? Probably not.

    Would have loved to see Alan West at that table. He would have destroyed all of them, including wanna-be street hustler/preacher/mummbler/fast talker/, Eric Dyson. West would of left the uneducated crowed stunned, puzzled and realizing how stupid they have been for the past 2 decades.