Saturday, March 26, 2011

Former Klansman Seeks Political Office in Florida…as a Democrat

John Paul Rogers, a 70-year old Floridian, wants to run for mayor of a small Florida town called Lake Wales. Just one problem: the democratic mayoral candidate is a former Klansman. READ MORE...

NOTE- The KKK started with Democrats, and apparently continues. It’s a mystery to why so many black Americans vote Democratic, especially since is was a Republican who emancipated them. White liberal democrats are still destroying the black family and black community to this day with their failed policies and the playing of the 'victim' card and the 'race' card. They use blacks for votes and truly believe that most blacks are too stupid to think for themselves. Just ask Janeane Garofalo!

Look what the liberals (democrats) have done to the urban areas of Chicago, Camden, Philadelphia, Detroit, Newark, Baltimore and D.C. They have done an excellent job killing small businesses, increasing crime, poverty, unemployment, dropout rates, teenage pregnancy, abortion, and incarceration rates. Can white liberals explain how living in a section 8 high rise 'concrete jungle' projects/public housing in the ghetto with crumbling public schools is good for any child? (Keyword 'public' = government)

Democrats are great at destroying inner city public schools and indoctrinating kids with global warming lies and homosexuality, while attacking religion (except Islam) and patriotism. The democrats, thanks to the teachers union, are against school vouchers which would allow some poor black children to attend better schools outside their district. Why?

Liberals, especially white liberals, with the help of clueless black Mayors, are still trying to buy votes with welfare checks and other entitlements, which destroys the incentive to work hard and get ahead.

With all of the damage liberals have done to the black community, it's no wonder the KKK supports the democrat party.


  1. The reason why most blacks vote for progressive/marxists (aka democrats) is because the media brainwashed them back during the 60s into believing the progressive/marxists were on their side, especially when LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act into law. Even though progressive/marxists such as Al Gore Sr, and Byrd voted AGAINST it, the media sung the praises of the progressives until the lie was believed by their willing slaves.

  2. its true. name me one republican thats racist and prove it. i will give you ten democrats on video who have said racist things. liberals are racists. they are just good at lying about it.