Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shocking New Van Jones Video Discovered. The Day After 9-11 Van Jones Led Rally Where They Cheered American Killers (Video)

How in the world did this radical scumbag get a job in the White House? HINT- Idiots...

Hero of the Left–

Kristinn Taylor and Andrea Shea King reported recently at Big Government on a long lost video of Van Jones leading a rally in Oakland, California the day after 9-11 where they cheered the American killers.

BizzyBlog reported on this video back on September 8, 2009. But, Kristinn just recently captured some of Jones’ remarks at the rally. The video also shows one speaker praising the 9-11 attackers as heroes.

Disgusting… Yet this radical activist is still a hero on the left. READ MORE...

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