Friday, April 1, 2011

‘This is Why We Don’t Trust White People’: Farrakhan Continues Defense of ‘Brother’ Gadhafi. Blames Demons For Altering Obama’s Mind!

Louis Farrakhan — leader of the Nation of Islam — is at it again, spewing hate and standing in solidarity with his “brother” Moammar Gadhafi.

Farrakhan called an over two hour “press conference” in which he railed against the real “mad dogs” in Washington and vowed that he would stand with Gadhafi despite America’s intervention in Libya: READ MORE...


Farrakhan Defends 'Brother' Qaddafi, Says Death at America’s Doorstep

Blames Demons For Altering Obama’s Mind

Wow, for a guy who hates America so much, he just won't leave!

All of Obama's "white liberal supporting" friends (rubber brothers) like Jerimiah Wright, Van Jones and Louis Farrakhan, are causing quite a stir in the media lately. If Louis Farrakhan keeps up this crazy hate talk, he may be getting offers for an anchor spot at NBC, the "Cracker and Jew" show on CNN, or a professor position at an Ivy League university...

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