Thursday, March 10, 2011

Woman Calls Gov. Christie 'Hot and Sexy' (What's So Sexy About An Obese RINO Gov. Who Can't See His Penis & Who Lied To Fireman About Their Pensions?)

Gov. Christie recants campaign promise of not altering N.J. firefighters' pensions

TRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie says he had to renege on a campaign promise to New Jersey firefighters not to touch their pensions in order to save their pensions. During the campaign last year, the Republican told firefighters he would not "eliminate, change, or alter" their pensions. Last week, Christie proposed pension and health benefits reforms that would raise the retirement age for public workers and require current employees and retirees to shoulder a substantially higher portion of their health care costs.

The governor says past promises made by other governors about the level of benefits "can't be kept."

The state pension system is underfunded by at least $46 billion. The health benefits system is underfunded by $76 billion.

NOTE- The Police and Fireman already contribute to their pensions at a higher rate than most. They should be the only profession who should have their health benefits paid for by the taxpayer. They protect the community and provide services for everyone. They should be allowed to retire after 25 years of service and receive their 65% pension. Gov. Walker of Wisconsin got it right by exempting Police and Fire. Christie got it wrong...

The taxpayer shouldn't have to pick up the tab for teachers, nurses, ball park employees, cafeteria workers and labor unions. There's a big difference between them and public SAFETY employees.

With all of the welfare, waste, abuse, fraud and entitlements in New Jersey, Gov. Christie can find the money elsewhere if he looks hard enough.

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  1. Looks like someone's Ox is being Gored. All for conservative measures to curb government spending, except when it affects Me or Mine.