Thursday, March 10, 2011

CAP'N COMMY: Did 'Big Mama' Michelle Obama Help Send 'Capn Crunch' Into Retirement?

The Marxist Obama's are big government business killers. Is this just another example?

The Soggies have finally won: Cap'n Crunch is quietly sailing into retirement.

Long derided by health experts for its high sugar content – a single serving contains 12 grams – the cereal is no longer being actively marketed by Quaker, DailyFinance reports. It appears parent company PepsiCo is forcing the good Cap'n to walk the plank.

Cap'n Crunch was once the No. 1 breakfast cereal, but pressure from the White House and health activists is having an effect on how PepsiCo and other food companies peddle their products to kids. Sales of the cereal were down 6.8 percent in 2010. READ MORE...


  1. ive been eating capn crunch/crunch berries and pb crunch since 1974. I'm 42, and a former athlete/personal trainer. I'm pretty ripped and have no health problems. Capn crunch is one of my treats I allow myself on my diet that I choose to live by and I don't need no fat ghetto mama hypocrite rib eating anti-American racist 1st lady telling me how to stay in shape. I do a damn good job of doing it all my own. All I want is my Capn crunch, bud lite and a few slices of pizza now and then. Get these fu*king assholes off my back. Shouldnt they worry about intentionally collapsing the economy? oh, thats right, they are!

  2. I bet Michele Obama had absolutely nothing to do with PepsiCo's decision. You'll be able to buy Cap'n Crunch it for the rest of your life, along with your cheap, skunky tasting beer.