Thursday, March 10, 2011

WTF?!? MSNBC‘s Andrea Mitchell ’You and I Are Both White‘ We Don’t Get This Whole Getting Offended Thing Like Muslims Do

Yes, even black folks are laughing at Andrea's dumb white ass, and they should.

She's a self-loathing brainwashed progressive who suffers from severe white guilt and stupidity at the hands of 'liberalism.'

Maybe Andrea Mitchell could speak to the white man in the video below, or any poor white guy who was passed over for a promotion or a job in the the Police or Fire Department because affirmative action bumped him down the list, even though he scored higher.

Maybe Andrea can interview any white person who was a victim of crime by a black person simply because they were white. We hope Andrea Mitchell doesn't get lost in the ghetto often, because she may experience it herself someday. She will also be able to fill the time slot on her pathetic show with thousands of crime victims who just happen to be white, who were victims of crime simply because of their skin color. Why are white liberals so obsessed with race?

'It goes both ways Andrea!'

Maybe Bernard Goetz could share a story with 'super idiot' Andrea Mitchell.


  1. Andrea Mitchell is an idiot. But I have to make a comment about the 2nd video. This is the reason why NYC needs to ELIMINATE GUN CONTROL. It is very easy for these bottomfeeders to attack a man when he is by himself. Why don't these street trash give this man a fair fight. This is the result of crooked politicians like Bloomberg who doesn't believe in the 2nd amendment. If these scumbags were in a pro gun state. We would have another Bernard Goetz result. BTW I am a black man who is sick of crime no matter what race the jerkoffs happens to be.

  2. I can only assume this was in Illinois or New York ... States that do not permit a person to defend his safety. These animals can go home safely and pop a 40 and brag .. Yeah.. Dats me on dat UTooobbee... Rightfully, they earned a ticket to the City Morgue.