Thursday, March 10, 2011

Megyn Kelly Exposes Jesse Jackson’s Double Standard on Democracy. Fans Class War Flames in Wisconsin

On Fox News today, Megyn Kelly hosted Jesse Jackson, who was coming in live from Wisconsin, where a controversial bill banning collective bargaining passed the state Senate yesterday, and is now poised to pass the state Assembly. The bill passed the Senate with no Democrats present for the vote, so Jackson took issue with what he called the “ramrod democracy” of Gov. Scott Walker. READ MORE...

‘Revolt for America’: Jesse Jackson Fans Class War Flames in Wisconsin. (Dumb drones follow)

The rich are getting richer without working for it, Jesse Jackson told receptive crowd of protesters at the Wisconsin state capitol building Wednesday. Calling on students and unions to fight for “change,” Jackson hearkened back to the civil rights era and compared the public workers‘ collective bargaining fight to blacks’ fight for suffrage.

He has an uncanny ability to get people to repeat everything he says:

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