Saturday, April 16, 2011

ANDREW BREITBART Confronts the Angry Trumpka-Obama Leftist Mob, “You Can Go to Hell! Go to Hell!” (Video) Palin to Obama "Game On"

When Sarah Palin was telling an audience last month that Republicans have the fighting instinct of sheep she wasn’t talking about Andrew Breitbart. Today in Wisconsin Andrew addressed the thousands of tea party patriots who came out in the cold to hold a rally for freedom, personal responsibility, and fiscal conservatism. During his introduction of Sarah Palin Andrew took on the vile leftists who came out to taunt the tea partiers. Andrew told them that they could, “Go to hell! Go to hell!” for having the audacity to lecture the tea party about civility after the death threats and thuggery displayed in Wisconsin last month.
Andrew was in rare form.

GAME ON : “We’re here. We’re clear. Get used to it.”

Here is the video of Sarah Palin’s terrific speech today in Madison, Wisconsin.
Sarah Palin can deliver one hell of a speech. No wonder they hate her.

As ANNOYING as Sarah Palin's squeaky voice and irritating accent can be to some people, it doesn't matter. If the Palin 'haters' would just put aside their hate (and mental disorder) for several minutes and just listen to WHAT Sarah Palin is actually saying, they might agree with her and actually learn something.

Obama's fake accent, lying and stuttering is extremely annoying, but we judge him on what he says and what he does, not how annoying he is.

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