Saturday, April 16, 2011

TRUMP ON FIRE! Trump Tells Hannity: Bill Ayers Wrote Obama’s Book. Ayers, Rezko, Wright, "He drops these guys, and the press leaves him alone.”

Trump addresses the Ayers issue in both segments of this interview

“Somebody said, ‘What’s his [Obama’s] biggest asset?’ He is politically lucky. He really is. He’s led a charmed life. Well, the media is letting him get away with it.”

Trump went on to discuss Obama’s past associations with retired college professor and co-founder of the Weather Underground Bill Ayers, the controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright and convicted real estate developer and political fundraiser Tony Rezko.

Trump asserted that Ayers wrote Obama’s best-selling book “Dreams of My Father” and that Obama sat in Wright’s congregation for 20 years while Wright “spewed hate against white people.”

Obama dropped his friends when the going got tough, Trump said. “So you got Reverend Wright, you got Bill Ayers, you got Tony Rezko. He drops these guys, and the press leaves him alone.”

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