Saturday, April 30, 2011

Breitbart Dominates Maher on 'Real Time.' Did Maher Make a Racist Statement and Not Even Realize it?

Bill Maher welcomed conservative firebrand Andrew Breitbart onto his Real Time panel tonight, which alone probably would have been enough for some heated discussions. Add liberal political analyst Laura Flanders to the mix and...well, you get tonight's panel. (Yes, sparks flew.) READ MORE...

NOTE- Start listening to Bill Maher at the 6:25 mark. Talking about Trump, Maher says, "If you have such a good relationship with the blacks, walk through Harlem without security."

By making that statement, Bill Maher is assuming that all blacks, particularly in Harlem, are savage animals who would attack and beat Donald Trump for being white and walking down the street, simply because he questioned Obama's birth certificate and college records. That sounds like a pretty racist statement coming from the self-loathing white liberal sissy Bill Maher, who thinks that if he keeps insulting whites and affiliating them with the tea party and republicans, and sucks up to blacks (who laugh at him), they will somehow accept him and buy the many lies he tells on "Real Time."

Maher also conveniently leaves out that most republicans and tea partiers want two (real) black men (Herman Cain, Alan West) to run for President in 2012, and that the tea party supported more black congressional candidates in the 2010 elections than the democrats had running in their entire party in that same year.

It's funny to hear the 'king hypocrite' Bill Maher (Ron Paul supporter/tea party hater?) ask if people can be 'racist, and not even know it' (because they disagree with his politics) when he himself displays that same type of behavior.

White liberals like Maher are obsessed with race because they can't win on the issues. Liberals, black and white, are the most racist people in politics and we have easily proven that at TrackRacism.Org... Give us a break.

Remember this one?

Bill Maher is too "white" to realize that Obama is not even "black," he's a bi-racial President with white liberal beliefs. Obama can't relate to the black community because he's never experienced it...

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